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First art submition

2009-07-08 20:28:54 by JoaoJatoba

Check it out! ojatoba/nodoka-miyazaki

Scout it, please!

First submission under judgment

2008-09-20 09:41:06 by JoaoJatoba

I've submitted my first movie today. It's a Frame-by-frame movie that I've done yesterday. It took me only a couple hours. The result was kind of lame, but, hey, it's my first flsh movie!


I wait.

For your judgment.


edit: Oh well... I was expecting that. Thank for those who have watched and voted. I'm already working in a improved "Scribbling" movie...

New Project

2007-11-05 12:11:16 by JoaoJatoba

I've started yesterday to create the plot for my first flash animation. I'm going to focus on the story, that will be short (-_-), 'cause my animation skills aren't that good yet. The screenplay is almost ready and I already began to design the characters and backgrounds. In a couple of weeks, this animation should be ready for your judgement... Be nice, please!

Inicial bla bla bla

2007-10-22 21:01:18 by JoaoJatoba

It's always like these: one makes a new account to some group and starts posting whit that old "Hi, I'm new here yara yara yara.... So, let's change a bit the routine!

Or not!

Hi! I'm new user of the Newgrounds web community, and I want to contribute with awesome flash movies. I'm not promising anything, 'cause I just start playing with Flash, but in the future, who knows what I can accomplish?